We’ve all heard about the possible end of the world happening on December 21, 2012 as it is the end of the Mayan Calendar. So what? Why should you worry about the Mayan Calendar ending? Who are the Mayans anyway? Can they predict the future? With December 21, 2012 approaching in less than 19 months, should you worry about the end of the Mayan calendar?

Doing some quick research online with your favourite search engine, you will come to understand that on December 21, 2011, marks the end date of a 5125-year long cycle calendar. Nowhere does it indicate that this is the end of the world, rather it is the end of the cycle for this super long calendar.

The Mayan calendar, also known as the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, is 5125 years long. That’s equal to 1,870,625 days long! The information is etched on stones. People from different educational background have different interpretations about the meaning of this calendar coming to an end. Some of these predictions range from the positive physical or spiritual transformation of the Earth to perhaps end of the world with solar flares burning up the Earth or an asteroid or planet impacting the Earth or possible black hole swallowing up our planet.

One question is, how accurate can this calendar be? How can these predictions be made from these inscriptions? Since the entire calendar is 1,870,625 days long, it would take the Mayan that many days to record all the significant information, then spend another 1,870,625 days to verify to ensure accuracy. So are we on the third round of the super long calendar? If so, what happened at the end of the last two rounds of the calendar that ended on Day 1,870,625? Didn’t it just return back to ‘Day 1’ – similar to every other calendar?

It is possible that during the 1.8 million days, certain significant events took place that was worth inscribing, such as planetary changes may have occurred.

NASA has ruled out any possible planet impacting the Earth. The next significant near Earth object is due in 2027. However, we are entering the next Solar Maximum in 2012, which occurs every 11 years, we may be able to see Corona Mass Ejections (CME) from the Sun, similar to that of 1859. It is known that the impact from the solar flares against the Earth’s magnetic shield, may cause catastrophic power outages. On March 10, 1989, the Corona Mass Ejections from the Sun, caused a power overload in Quebec, Canada, creating a mass blackout for millions of people.

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So, should you worry about the end of the Mayan calendar?

Should you worry about the end of the world?

Should you worry about 2012?

Should you worry about Doomsday?

Should you worry about Judgment Day?

Should you worry about the Apocalypse?

You decide!

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