How much money are you spending on lottery tickets each week? Be honest? Are you wasting your money away or are you waiting for you good luck to show up? Some people think buying lottery tickets are just as bad as gambling and it is a waste of money. To others, they feel they are supporting the lottery organization and also getting a chance of winning large amounts of cash. Fact is, people are becoming millionaire each and every week all over North America so, why are they so lucky?

Billions of dollars are spent on lottery tickets every year as people are trying their luck to become financially wealthy in a quick way. Many employees at work have set up lottery pools where each person participating contributes the same amount, usually $5.00 so that they can spend all the money collected to purchase large quantities of lottery tickets. In fact, much of the lottery winnings are shared by people in groups.

Some people don’t buy lottery tickets unless the jackpot reaches a very high amount or refuse to join lottery pools because they want to win all the money for themselves. Some buy lottery tickets regularly as part of their monthly budget as they believe the saying, “if you don’t buy, you won’t win.” This is a true statement as only those who purchase the lottery tickets will have a chance in winning any of the prizes.

So why are some people so lucky? Are they really lucky or was it simply their turn to win? Like the young man in his 20s who stopped by a convenience store to buy some soda pop on his way to his parents’ house for dinner, purchased one ticket and became $25 million richer the next morning. Or the unemployed 47 year old man who purchased a lottery ticket using his late father’s favourite lottery numbers and won the $6.5 million jackpot.

Richard Lustig from Orlando, FL, won the lottery not once, not twice, but 7 times! He claims his winnings are not coincidental and that he has a secret strategy which he applies. Richard has been on TV news programs including Ripley’s Believe It or Not cartoon and on the Rachel Ray Show; written up in newspapers and has now published his book called, “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery.” This 40-page book is in such high demand, it carries a US$40 price tag for those who want to try out his strategy.

So, how are these people winning the lottery? Is there really a mathematical strategy to winning or is it all up to chance? There are so many people winning lotteries that it is now one of the known sources of becoming wealthy. Soon, everyone around you will know someone personally, a friend, an acquaintance or a relative, who is a lottery winner. Why not you?

Should you worry about not winning the lottery?

Should you worry about your friends winning the lottery?

Should you worry about winning the lottery jackpot?

You decide.

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