The internet has been flooded with a lot of talk about Comet Elenin approaching Earth and that Elenin may have caused many of the recent natural disaster all over the world. Some are saying this comet has an alien space craft hiding behind it and will come to Earth as it gets closer. Some are saying NASA is covering up the truth about Comet Elenin to avoid global panic.

Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) was first discovered on December 10, 2010 by Russian astronomer, Leonid Elenin, using a remote observatory in New Mexico. At that time, Comet Elenin was 405 million miles (647 million kilometers) away from Earth. On October 16, 2011, it will be closest to Earth but still be 22 million miles (35 million kilometres) away. What’s interesting is that even with NASA’s equipment, manpower and experience, they never discovered this comet themselves, but only acknowledged its existence after Leonid Elenin, a Russian astronomer discovered it.

Some doomsday conspiracy theories are saying that Comet Elenin is actually Nibiru, the Brown Dwarf or Planet X. The tail of Comet Elenin may contain poisonous hydrogen cyanide, similar to the famous Halley’s Comet in 1910. Back then, people were in a panic to buy gas masks and anti-cyanide pills. Some say Elenin will cross the ecliptic (an annual circular path of the sun and the planets) on September 11, 2011 and later line up with Mercury, the Sun and Earth, which may alter its trajectory and cause shifting of the tides or tectonic plates on Earth.

Some believes that when Elenin was aligned with the Earth, an earthquake happens:

  • February 27, 2010 Earth, Sun, Mercury & Elenin aligned, Chile 8.8 earthquake
  • September 4, 2010 Earth, Sun Mercury & Elenin aligned, New Zealand 7.2 earthquake
  • March 11, 2011 Earth, Sun & Elenin aligned, Japan 9.2 earthquake

Some are saying that the Astronauts & Cosmonauts from the International Space Station are returning to Earth on September 8, 2011 and would not return before November 9, 2011, to avoid the ecliptic of Elenin.

So what’s real and what’s fiction? Is Comet Elenin causing earthquakes and volcanoes all over the world? Or all of these events are just simply coincidental? According to researchers, there are approximately 30 volcanoes active right now.

This video below shows the locations of the earthquakes and how the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ may be affected.

There are also questions as to why the comet was named ‘Elenin’. The answer is very simple as the person who discovered the comet gets to name it using their last name. In this case, Russian astronomer, Leonid Elenin named the comet ‘Elenin.’ The conspiracy theory is that the comet was named ‘Elenin’ because it is short for: Extinction Level Event Nibiru In November.

Someone posted a video on YouTube in reference to an announcement made on June 15, 2011 by NASA Director, Charles F. Bolden, Jr., to the ‘NASA Family’ regarding family preparedness and suggested to have an emergency supply kit at home.

Listen carefully to the specific keywords used and the references made in his speech, especially at points:

  • 0:36, “…I became aware of some things that concerned me about our family preparedness and I wanted to talk to you very briefly.”
  • 0:42, “You know, we at NASA, we are an incredibly unique organization. We are the only agency in the Federal Government that’s responsible for the safety and well being of people, not only here on Earth, but off this planet.”
  • 1:07, “…and I have concerns of ours right now that is not as good as it ought to be…”
  • 1:20, “…think about the natural disasters that could occur in your area. Think about attacks that could come like 9/11 from outside forces and to talk to your family about your work and what they need to do to prepare for the unforeseen.”

Was Bolden trying to tell us something indirectly? What are they not telling us? Why are all these events happening now? Are they all linked to Comet Elenin?

On August 16, 2011, NASA confirmed on their Jet Propulsion Laboratory website that Comet Elenin poses no threat to Earth as it is packed with icy dirt and on the ‘wimpy’ side as compared to other comets.

In this video below, NASA states there is no such thing as Nibiru, Brown Dwarf or Planet X and also reassures us that Comet Elenin C2010 X1 poses no threat to Earth.

On August 19, 2011, a massive solar flare hit the comet and by August 29, 2011, astronomers noticed Comet Elenin getting dimmer and seem to be disintegrating.

Should you worry about Comet Elenin?

Should you worry about possible NASA cover up?

Should you worry about the natural disasters that may be caused by Elenin?

You decide!

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