BEWARE! Be Very Aware of this new scam! Scammers trying to steal your identity are now sending out mass, unsolicited SMS, text messages to cell phones saying your cellular number has been awarded $1,000,000 in a lottery.

This SMS text message states: Congratulations: FreeLotto has awarded your cell number the sum of $1,000,000. visite for claims, Ticket #: 92201029 Deposit CODE: 8110.

Here’s a screen shot of the text message received:

screen shot of cell phone lottery text scam message from

Noticed the spelling mistake – a dead give-away that this is a scam. How many banks give money away in a lottery? How many lotteries or banks will randomly contact the winner by SMS text messages? How many lotteries will give money away randomly?

The URL is for a website called: The website claims to be a financial institution called: Royal Finance and Securities or Royal FBI Online or RFB International or Royal F Bank or RFBI, but yet, at the upper right hand column there is a section called: ‘National Lottery draw released! Claim winning now…’ Once the link is clicked, it prompts for the Ticket# and the Bank deposit CODE. DO NOT enter this information and DO NOT click to verify as this is a SCAM!

Ask yourself, how many banks run lotteries? Is this too good to be true? If so, what do you think?

lottery text message scam website pic for

lottery text message scam website pic for

On this website, there are several areas where people can enter a lot of personal information for the purpose of applying for a loan or to open a bank account. DO NOT attempt as this is to steal your identity!

Their Contact Us link has an address for their office:

RFBI Head Office (England)
30 Guildford Street
London, London
WC1N 1EH (United Kingdom).

lottery text message scam website pic for

lottery text message scam website pic for

Do a search online and it shows that this is the address for:

UCL Institute Of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London, WC1N 1EH

Click Here to view their website.

The domain Registry Whois shows the following information, which may be false as well. Notice that the domain name was only registered on 16-May-2011 by someone in Canada (the Registrant’s name and address may be random or false) but the site location information is showing as Nottingham, United Kingdom. The Registrar is located in Melbourne.

Registry Whois info for the lottery text message scam website of

It appears that these scammers took a lot of time to create this website. Education is the best way to avoid being scammed! Share this blog post with everyone who has a cellular phone!

Should you worry about text message scams?

Should you worry about online identity theft?

Should you worry about lottery cell phone scams?

You decide!

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