It seems lately, more UFO sightings are being captured by people all over the world using their portable or mobile devices. During the sightings, numerous photos and videos are being captured from multiple witnesses, from multiple camera angles. Even the so-call experts in UFO studies are finding it difficult to explain these phenomenons.

This raises the concern: are we being invaded by visitors from other planets.

Hundreds of videos are being uploaded on YouTube so far, with shocking evidence that something strange is happening to our planet. These videos are no longer blurry or out of focus, like the ones from the past. These mobile devices are now capable of capturing 2MP or better in digital quality, making it convenient to capture these unusual events.

It makes us wonder, has the actual number of sightings increased or are we now better equipped to capture these strange phenomenon? Are they coming to visit us more often now or are there more of them coming here? Are they being less discreet or do they want us to know that they are here?

Even with so much photographic and video evidence available online and from actual eye witnesses, the government around the world are still denying their existence. Recently scientists at the GCF2011 summit announced that we are not alone in the universe and also predicted within this mid century, we might make contact with an intelligent civilization in outer space. They claim so far, there are 500 planets with possible signs of life being identified.

So what does this all mean?

Are there intelligent beings out there visiting our planet? If so, why are they here? Are they friendly or are they evil? Have they been granted permission from our government to stay with us on earth? What are their plans?

In the recent edition of the “Fire Officer’s Guide To Disaster Control”, now contains a section called “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential” that illustrates and provides instructions on how to treat an injured alien and how to encounter such situations. If the government are denying the existence of UFOs, then why are Firefighters being trained for such as events?

Should you worry about UFOs invading our planet?

Should you worry about our government not taking action and keep hiding the truth – even with so much evidence available?

Should you worry about possible aliens living amongst us?

Should you worry about their plans for our planet? Are they here to save us or are they here to destroy us?

You decide!

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