The amateur live webcam websites are becoming one of the fastest growing niches in the adult entertainment industry because anyone with a computer and internet access can now watch and interact with adult live models doing almost anything they want. And these models are secretly making lots of money from home, doing what they love in front of a webcam.

These websites are set up similar to the chat programs such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Skype, all with video and audio streaming but have a menu full of hundreds and hundreds of live models available for viewing. We are not talking about reality shows like Big Brother. These webcam models are on these web sites for one purpose only and that is, to get naked for their audience.

Most of these adult live webcam sites allow people to watch the models for free but, interactions with the models by chat messages are limited. Customers may purchase tokens to upgrade their accounts so they can enter private or group areas for more intimate events and they can even tip the models as a form of gratuity. There are models from all over the world so that at any given time, there may be hundreds of models available for viewing.

make money online as a live webcam modelThese models are not professional porn star actors or actresses but they are ordinary people, just like you, who simply signed up as a live web cam model, in hope that their audience would tip them with tokens, which transforms into their commission.

The models can be male or female or even couples. Some of them may be nurses who wanted some excitement in her sex life and get paid doing it. Some may be college students looking for an easy way to make some extra money. Some of the girls are unemployed and needed a way to make money online without resorting to prostitution. Some are even single moms looking for a way to make money from home. The models may even be your next door neighbours, your co-worker or even your very own girlfriend making money behind your back on her live webcam.

To become a webcam model, one would need a computer, microphone, webcam and access to the internet. Of course, the models have to be of legal age. There are no schedules or routines to follow. The models can come online any time they please and end the show at any time they wish to. They are not obligated to do anything for the tips even though the reason why they signed up as a model may be to make money. Some of these live webcam sites split up to 60% of the tokens received to their models therefore, it is up to the models to decide how much time to be spent live in front of the webcam. Always read the policies of each website and ask questions before signing up to become a webcam model.

Some girls play games while on the webcam to get her audience to tip up to a certain amount, then she will give a show of some sort. Some just have a conversation with the audience by speaking back to what is being typed in the chat room, so people can hear her voice.

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Most live webcam sites sort their models by popularity. It is possible to have over 1500 people watching the model, and this may lead to lots of potential tips. One model did nothing but teased her audience into a tipping frenzy and within 3 hours, she received over 25,000 tokens. If each token is worth $0.10 and if her commission is 50%, that means she made $1250 in those 3 hours of doing very little of nothing.

Below are some examples of what a webcam model may do live. Every model is different and they could basically do anything they wish.

  • Mini, 20, from Los Angeles, had her notebook computer in her bedroom with the radio on, drinking a beer, dancing all night long wearing a toque. Once in a while she would respond to the chat room and will flash her breasts for her audience having fun on a Monday night.
  • Princess, 20 from the UK, with her notebook computer on her bed, wearing a school girl outfit, just smiling away and brushing her hair with her hands. People tipped her like it was a charity.
  • Cameo, 22, from Las Vegas, single mom, sitting on her bed wearing a tank top and yellow bikini bottom, talking out loud about her pet cats and fish.
  • FKiss, two girls from Hungry, both totally naked, involved in sexual activity but the webcam is set so that nothing is showing. They state that they’re saving the visual action for their private show.
  • Angel, 19, from the Ukraine, a student studying computer science, in her bed room typing away in response to private chat messages. 63 people in her room waiting for her to put on a show.
  • Adella, 23, from Czech Republic, sitting on the floor in a corner of her home, wearing a plaid shirt and burgundy panties. She typed, “what do u like with me?…. shirt off 50… all naked 100.” Hoping some of her 121 fans would tip her soon.

There are no direct personal interactions with the customers, just online by webcam and chat. As long as the models do not give out their private, personal information such as address, email, or telephone number, they should be safe from any weirdos or stalkers.

With today’s economy, more and more people are getting into webcam modelling to supplement their income or to pay off their debt. But is there anything really unethical being a live webcam model and make money being naked online without even seeing or knowing the audience at all? Some people find this to be an exciting part of their sex life or add some sort of variety to spice things up, plus to have an opportunity to make money secretly. For others, this type of activity may be considered as borderline prostitution. But at least the webcam models are not directly interacting with the audience like the strippers giving a lap dance.

So next time you see someone you know saying they started an online business but refuse to tell you exactly what they’re doing, there may be a possibility that she may secretly be an online live webcam model.

Should you worry about live webcam sites?

Should you worry about live webcam models?

Should you worry your girlfriend may be a webcam model?

You decide!

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